Precautions when using the angle head


1. Generally, the angle head adopts non-contact oil seal. If cooling water is used during processing, it is necessary to run it before spraying water, and adjust the direction of the cooling water nozzle to spray water towards the tool, which can avoid cooling water from penetrating into the body. Danger to extend life.

2. Avoid continuous processing operation at the highest speed for a long time.

3. Refer to the parameter characteristics of each type of angle head and use it under appropriate processing conditions.

4. Before use, it is necessary to confirm the test run for a few minutes to heat the engine. During each processing, it is necessary to select the appropriate speed and feed processing. The speed, feed and depth of cut during processing should be adjusted in a gradual manner until the maximum processing efficiency is obtained.

5. When processing the general standard angle head, it is necessary to avoid processing materials that will produce dust and particles (such as graphite, carbon, magnesium and other composite materials, etc.)

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